DIY Oil Solution for Dry Hair

DIY Oil Solution for Dry Hair

Hey there. It’s no secret that I am loving my natural hair journey. In addition to giving up relaxers, I’ve taken the additional step of thumbing my nose at most hair products that contains harsh man-made chemicals. I’ve become somewhat of a hair vegan. I’ve developed a big time hobby of making my own EVERYTHING. From shampoo to conditioner to styling lotions. It’s super fun and I can already see that my hair approves. Lately I’ve been stockpiling on oils. Oils are great because there’s oil.for every ailment, plus most of them you can find in the cooking aile at the grocery store. My biggest motivation is if I don’t use it on my head, I can eat it. Or at least make one heck of a room freshener with the essential oils. There’s so many oils out there that knowing what does what is only half the battle.

I would like to share a nifty recipe charts I made for when I need to mix a batch.

TIP: My technique is 2-3 drops of the essential oil to every 1 cup of carrier oil.

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