Download our mobile app for FREE!

social dreamheartIn celebration of our new app, Social Dreamheart II, we’re giving away Social Dreamheart for FREE!

Are you passionate about books, fashion and love Kindred Dreamheart? Then Social Dreamheart is the perfect app for you. Created in support of the International debuting fashion label, with this app you can stay current on Kindred Dreamheart related news via social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Blogger. You can also view the website, schedule appointments with the fashion designer, sign up for the newsletter, and shop the online store all at your fingertips. With the favorites feature you can star the articles you like and easily find them again later. Don’t miss a single step in the journey of this underground emerging fashion designer, blogger, and entrepreneur.

“It all starts with a dream. Dream with me.”

Download Social Dreamheart HERE!

SOCIAL DREAMHEART II releases on 10/6/14!


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